Developmental Assessment

The Value
There are four key benefits Meridien delivers when assessing existing talent.

Meridien will:

  • Gather objective, third-party input for selection decisions that are focused on the 'softer' side of individuals' leadership abilities
  • Identify individuals' strengths and needs for personal development planning to enhance effectiveness in existing roles and future responsibilities
  • Clearly convey to candidates management's values about the importance of individual development to the organization's success
  • Assist senior teams in developing new behaviours to achieve change

The Process
There are six steps in Meridien's developmental assessment process:

1. Understand the Role
A candidate's success largely depends on the job context, goals to be achieved, guidance and direction provided by superiors, and direct report and peer support to help accomplish results. Before conducting the assessment, Meridien consults with those involved with the selection process to understand the role and the profile of the successful incumbent.

2. Conduct the Assessment
The assessment consists of a two- to three-hour semi-structured interview - an assessment approach that research has shown to be reliable and valid. The detailed content of the interview remains confidential between the candidate and Meridien.

3. Feedback to Candidates
Each candidate is encouraged to participate in a two-hour feedback session. Our belief and experience is that lasting behavioural change is based upon insights that occur during this feedback.

4. Feedback to Management
Verbal feedback and an incisive written report of Meridien's perceptions and counsel about candidates are provided including recommendations about organization fit, individual potential and development.

5. Developmental Planning
Feedback to individuals is generally followed by a developmental planning process. The goal is to create specific, measurable development action plans to assist individuals in enhancing their effectiveness.

6. Three-way Development Contract Meeting
Development is most likely to occur when there is commitment from both the individual and the person to whom the individual reports. This involves a one-to two- hour meeting between both parties, facilitated by Meridien. The individual presents his/her development plan for discussion and refinement. The outcome is an agreed- upon contract to guide developmental activities, coaching and feedback.