Strategic Talent Development

People are the only asset that two companies cannot have at once. Talent ultimately differentiates one organization from another. The ability to attract, select and develop leadership talent is a competitive advantage for organizations that do it well.

Meridien helps organizations to:

  • Understand and profile required talent
  • Assess individuals' capabilities relative to these profiles
  • Develop existing talent through developmental planning, coaching, 360-degree feedback and succession-planning interventions
  • Align the right people with the right positions at the right time


Individual Assessment
Meridien assists clients in making better decisions about selecting, promoting and developing people. Click for more detailed information about Pre-selection and Developmental Assessments.

Developmental Coaching
Meridien helps individuals to strengthen their performance and leadership. Through one-on-one coaching, Meridien provides assessment and feedback to help develop insights on key strengths and development issues and gaps relative to career aspirations. Support is provided in establishing realistic goals and action plans for developing new behaviours for success.

Competency Profiling
Identifying the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for success in particular roles is critical to aligning talent with goals. Meridien assists clients in identifying, assessing and building key competencies.

360-degree Feedback
Meridien is skilled at translating leadership competency profiles into customized 360-degree assessment and feedback instruments, which can be administered online, or in a paper and pencil format.