Organizational Assessment and Development

Success in leading organizations depends increasingly on success in leading change. Leaders succeed when they create a clear vision of what they want their organizations to become, develop timely plans to get there and then lead their organizations through necessary changes in a results-focused manner. Meriden works with CEOs and senior teams to clarify vision and manage change. This includes information gathering for planning and decision-making, and working through business challenges and critical periods of opportunity and crisis such as M&A due diligence and integration planning.

Meridien helps to:

  • Clarify the direction and strategy of the organization
  • Create roadmaps and plans for leading and implementing change through the organization
  • Build the organization's commitment to and capacity for change while minimizing disruption to people
  • Develop scorecards for measuring progress
  • Track progress towards organizational goals while building employee commitment
  • Facilitate teams in resolving differences


Strategy and Change Implementation
Today's leaders must anticipate the need for change and be ready to examine their organization to its core. Meridien collaborates with leadership teams to translate strategic imperatives into roadmaps for change and to implement plans that drive the behaviour changes necessary to successfully achieve business goals.

Succession Planning
Planning for leadership continuity is a critical board and senior executive responsibility. Meridien supports companies in developing profiles of leadership competencies and in establishing a process for rigorously assessing and developing the talent within their organizations.

The goal of an organizational survey is to improve the effectiveness of the organization. The views and attitudes of employees are a powerful determinant of organizational success, especially in service businesses. The principal goals of surveying are to assess employee commitment and to identify areas in which employees believe their organizations can improve their effectiveness. Creating a customized survey reflecting an organization's values, strategies and internal processes and procedures enables employees to provide management with specific, focused input and feedback.

Organizational Effectiveness Audits
Changes - in leadership or team membership, in performance, goal or role expectations, or in the competitive environment - can create the need to objectively assess the degree to which structure, talent, policies and practices are aligned with strategy. Meridien's process helps organizations, departments and work units to audit themselves and identify changes that will help enhance effectiveness. Click here to find out more.

Team Effectiveness
Meridien helps senior leadership teams improve their effectiveness through customized meeting facilitation, team feedback and training.