Our Process

Meridien's process is collaborative, results-focused and customized to the needs of each client.

Meridien understands and is adept at assessing individuals and teams. The firm is highly skilled at analyzing competencies, motivations and potential, and in collaborating with clients to facilitate the changes that will make a real and lasting difference to their performance. In this initial stage, Meridien works with clients to develop an accurate assessment of the current situation.

As experienced senior counsel, Meridien gets to the core issues quickly to help CEOs, executive teams and boards address what needs to be done to enhance performance and impact. Working with the client, a clear picture of current performance, capabilities and issues is established. Meridien's role is to help guide this process, facilitate decision-making, validate priorities, establish a roadmap for change and ensure that objectives, strategies and tactics are aligned with overall vision and goals.

In the implementation stage, Meridien assists clients in translating desired outcomes into actions and results. Gaps between current and desired behaviours and performance are identified and measured. Working with both individuals and teams, Meridien helps to facilitate change through practical ideas, coaching, meeting facilitation and workshops.

Measure and evaluate
For change to occur and for commitment to a new strategy to remain on track, measurement and evaluation are vital. Explicit measures of progress for both process and outcomes are identified and agreed upon during the framing and implementation phases. Working in close collaboration with the client, Meridien follows through with progress checks and any required fine-tuning of strategies.

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